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Extra Hold - No Flaking

Braid Gel

Perfect Braid Gel is a non alcohol, non flaking weightless gel that creates different revolving styles, that delivers a healthy finished look for perfect braids.

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Braid Oil

Strengthens Hair & Provides Hair Growth

Braid Oil

Caribbean Locs Braid Oil strengthens, nourishes the scalp and roots to cleanse the scalp, reduces dandruff and promotes hair growth. Immediately remedy for itchy hair moisturize roots and reduce breakage leading to thicker hair.

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Braid Styling Foam / Mousse

Conditions Knot-less, Locs, Box Braids & Cornrows

Braid Styling Foam/Mouse

Caribbean Locs Foam/Mouse can be used on new braids to make sure they last longer, or older braids to contain baby hair and eliminate frizz to make them look brand new. With the natural ingredients your hair will be nourished, add shine to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

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Great for Braids, Twist and Natural Hair

Knot Free Detangler

Caribbeanlocs detangler adds moisture and softness to your hair. This product detangles all types of hair for Braids, Locs, Twist, Weave, and Natural Hair. No matter how difficult your hair is to manage our detangler works instantly. 

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Lock & Twist Gel

Caribbeanlocs Lock & Twist Gel Provides great results that gives shine and excellent hold, with our natural ingredients that provides moisture and strengthens the hair to prevent breakage. Our gel is so good you don’t need clips to hold the hair which saves you time and money.

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Shine Mist

Caribbeanlocs ShineMist is a weightless mist designed to enhance braids, locs, and twist with the amazing Shine. Infused with natural ingredients to prevent frizz and flyaways while adding hydration and excellent shine, to keep braids, locs, twist, and natural hair looking new.

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Our mission is to deliver the most effective naturally based high quality products that provide healthy hair, great styling, real performance results for a diverse array of hair textures and types.